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No tech legs May 22, 2007

Posted by Tom in Cities, Environment, health.

In reference to Seacat’s post in What it’s like, I thought I’d add a few simple thoughts.When I go to work on public transport:I leave my houseI wait for a busI get on the busI get off the busI get on the metroI get off the metroI walk about 5 mins to workI arrive at workTotal time taken: 20 minutesActivity undertaken: avoiding looking at people, reading for 10 mins (if I get a seat)When walking to work:I leave my houseI walk down the roadI walk through the parkI walk down a polluted streetI walk through another parkI notice the architectureI stop for a coffeeI speak to someoneI notice a different view of the building on the cornerI think about my dayI appreciate my cityI get annoyed that there is a hole in the pavementI see stressed people waiting at the traffic lights (and smile inwardly)I find a new road to go downI notice the ground (and appreciate it)Oh and I listen to my latest acquirements from emusicTime taken: 1 hour and 20 minutesActivities undertaken: see above and add 1 hour twenty minutes of exercise.Satisfaction rate HUGENote Anyone attempting to do this should wear deodorant and carry work shoes in a bag :-)Also… I tend to take Public transport home after work.



1. seacat - May 22, 2007

Tom–that’s such an awesome post! What gorgeous, interesting snaps you’ve taken. Love the “huge satisfaction” from 1 hour 20 minutes of exercise, keen observation, and chance to catch up on your music. :-)

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