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What if…. June 12, 2007

Posted by Tom in Environment, social problems, Techstuff.

I have heard arguments against global warming and I have heard people “rubbishing” the whole environmental movement. I personally think most are being selfish and lazy, after all it’s easy to say “someone told me otherwise and therefore I can continue my comfortable lifestyle”. I am currently reading a book all about overcoming our consumerist desires (more about that later) and I am beginning to see that we are all trapped like rabbits in the lights of a car. We know there is something wrong but we are unable to move. Why? Fear. When faced with such a difficult idea, that of going against our instincts (consume, work for money, work more and consume more (ok I’ve made it a bit too basic but I’m sure you understand)) we are stuck. Which is why the argument on this video is so good. Unless the author is wrong, we have no choice. Personally I’d rather run from a car that might never hit me than be hit by the car.
Note: there are many hoax emails on the web that say send this to 15 friends or you will suffer a pain worse than death (or something like that). I ignore them all. This is a wake up call not a “forward this email or else” hoax.

Thanks to seacat at What it’s like for the heads up :-)



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