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Why I won’t be on the iPhone any time soon July 7, 2008

Posted by Tom in Apple Portugal, iPhone, Techstuff.


Vodafone iPhone 3G

Vodafone iPhone 3G


When the iPhone was initially announced I have to admit I wanted one. The technology looks smooth and combines a great looking UI and great functions. I decided that with the cheaper prices. I would be able to get one… I signed up and pre-registered my desire with Vodafone Portugal.
Now, I have been with Vodafone for quite some time now and they have very good prices and a fair approach to their customer so I figured I could count on a fairly decent package….
Until today…

So on offer we have an 8Gb phone for €129.9, one for €219.9 and one for €299.9 (all with a €10 rebate for your old phone) There is also the possibility of buying one without a contract for €499.9.

So I happily clicked on the continue with my registration link and confirmed my details and then followed the link to contract prices

Planos best iPhone 

Tarifário Best iPhone 100 Best iPhone 230 Best iPhone 500
Monthly fee €29,90 €44,90 €64,90
Calls and SMS – to all networks 
  Minutes & SMS included 100 min / SMSs 230 min / SMSs 500 min / SMSs
  Price per additional min./ SMS 14,9 cênt. 12,9 cênt. 9,9 cênt.
DATA iPhone (up to 3,6 Mbps)
  Traffic included 250 MB 250 MB 250 MB
  Price per additional MB 6 cênt./ MB 6 cênt./ MB 6 cênt./ MB   


 So here it is… Minimum €29.9 per month with an outlay of €299 for the 8Gb model. That is, after all, the one I was interested in. The problem is that 30 Euros a month is a commitment I am not willing to make. I don’t want to (necessarily) spend 100 mins a month on my phone. I certainly do not want to be tied into 2 years of prices when the outlook is so bleak.

So I looked into the non contract offer and I have to say I was shocked.. Here we are spending 500 euros on a phone (and hopefully sticking to my plan (pre paid with privileged  numbers I have cheaper calls to) and I see we have to pay a €19.9 monthly fee for data… and this is limited to 250 Mb. This is iPhone tax and something that I flatly refuse to pay for.

 Vodafone charges its non-iphone customers 9.82 for the same service on other phones. Vodafone mobile broadband at the same speed costs about 40 euros but you have 5 Gb limit. So please don’t tell that iPhone users are more expensive.

So there you have it I refuse to spend over €1000 on a phone. 

(129.9 + 24 x 64.9 = 1687.5) !!!!!!!!!! (no guesses for how much your old iPhone will cost once the contract is up) 

I’d much rather spend that sort of money on one of these

(maybe that is the idea)

See this for more enlightenment on sensible shopping




1. XamaX - July 8, 2008

The Portuguese are such big whiners it baffles me.

So how much for a HTC Diamond? How much for a HTC Touch Cruise?

Ok, they are for sale fully unlocked at FNAC but at what prices?

My friend, this is a $1000 handheld computer sold at €499 because of Apple’s supply chain wizardry!

The other day I was at a SouthWest coast beach with very little coverage and I was constantly watching the AAPL news and I spent almost €100 in 3 days in GPRS data costs. Now that’s outrageous!

One day all these prices will have come down – I believe cellphone carriers like Vodafone, TMN and AT&T will all have withered away – they are not the future, their days are numbered. The future will be Wimax / other Wi-Fi style or satellite based technology beaming an always connected radio ip-based communications network.

Stop whining for Pete’s sake and get on with your life.

2. Tom - July 8, 2008

Hi Xamax,
Thanks for your feedback, even if it is a little negative and rude.
Let’s have a look at your point shall we…
1. I’m not Portuguese but have great respect and love of the people. Portugal is a country with low salaries and opportunities to succeed are few and far between. The people are remarkably resilient (take living through dictatorship for many years as an example of this or keeping one’s culture while the rest of the Iberian peninsula was being swallowed by Spain as examples or the fact that a high school teacher / police officer / diplomat / judge etc etc here earns less than someone working in customer service (ie wages – not salary) in the UK ).
2. I’m not sure of the price of the HTC Diamond but I saw that the Cruise you mentioned is 499. I wouldn’t buy either personally as the appeal of the iphone is the UI and software design.
3. Please don’t tell me you believe that the iPhone cost $1000 to make. Granted R&D costs will put up overall costs but reports on the previous model put the manufacturing price at closer to $250.
4. You’re right, spending €100 looking at AAPL shares is outrageous (I could think of better ways of spending my time and money). In doing so (and in buying two iphones for you and your partner as you mentioned in Ars forum) you are showing that you probably have a lot more money than most in Portugal.
5. I also agree that the days of companies overcharging for data are numbered.
6. I wasn’t whining, I was simply stating the fact that I believe 8 cents / Mb is overpriced (as it would appear you agree when saying €100 on data over three days is outrageous). I am quite willing to pay €500 for a iPhone, what I cannot dream of doing is spending 20 a month on a data plan that is so limited. A good idea of what I would deem reasonable is Vodafone New Zealand iphone plans where 1GB data plan is €23 (4 times as much for 3 euros more)
7. Am getting on very nicely with my life thank you very much and that means enjoying life without spending €100 on looking at shares data for three days.

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