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Some hits for the week. August 1, 2008

Posted by Tom in Environment, health, summer, Techstuff.

Inspired by The Morning News website here are some interesting stories to carry you through the weekend…

First off is breakfast… this looks great and I only hope it reaches us here in Portugal.

Then we move on to some interesting ideas about London underwater. (Much more interesting than the less than good recent film about London flooding).

Next up (and back on the breakfast theme) is great site for finding unsigned artists.

If you’re eating too much breakfast you may want to read this too, the you have a great excuse for some quality time in the park.

Another health link discusses whether we can see the future… and if we can should we pay to see it.

Then we get on to some technology pieces starting with the first ever computer and what has happened to it.

Anyone interested in the environment (anyone who isn’t I would suggest has a few problems) might like to see this story about cars or this Portuguese site about carbon footprints and how buy to your very own carbon credits.

Finally for those at home with their kids this summer there are at least 20 things you can do with thembesides roasting on the beach or veging in front of the telly or playstation (or whatever your games of choice are).  


And that’s it for this week… more fun next Friday :-)


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