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Secret science clubs April 29, 2007

Posted by Tom in bars, socializing, tech news.
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I just read about something really interesting on ABC’s Tech news site. Basically there are clubs in certain cities around the states that set up lectures by scientists. Not so interesting or unusual I think. But I think wrong. What is unusual here is the audience. The Lectures are set up in bars where “lay” people can listen to science while having a drink at the bar. Now for those of you think football (whether American or British) is only vaguely interesting when it’s the world cup final or something … this is fantastic news. Maybe I should look into organizing something similar here in Lisbon. I should talk to my friend in the Champalimaud foundation to find out how feasible he thinks this is.
I thought I’d finish this post with a quote from someone attending a lecture
“This is the only way I’m going to learn about science.”