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Vivendi – Universal’s approach – a consumer’s point of view. September 25, 2007

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What Msr Levy has been Reading

Mr Levy’s Bedtime reading

After Vivendi CEO Jean-Bernard Levy claimed that iTunes 20% cut in the 99 cents they charge per song is indecent, I feel compelled to add to the discussion. Monsieur Levy should wake up to the fact that many people stopped buying CDs when buying Computer games, DVD’s , films, computers, software, etc etc became more important than buying music. I remember stopping bothering with music because it had become all too much the same (Contrived MTV rubbish designed to sell to sub teens). One thing that “saved” me was when I got iTunes, ripped all my cd’s and started listening again.

This got me looking for new music too.

Unfortunately there was no iTunes Music Store, so a lot of my music came from unusual sources (and more came from buying CD’s).

However my new interest in music was slow and only half baked. The trouble of tracking down music on P2P was difficult and buying CD’s was, frankly, too expensive.

Then along came ITMS Europe. I started buying music again….. (Did you get that Mr Levy… I STARTED BUYING MUSIC!) and loads more than I had done in the past. (Pre iTunes, from aged 15 to approx 30– 200 albums, so approx 1 album a month + 1 or 2 terrible x-mas presents, remembering that my income only started at 21/22 yrs old and was measly); Post ITMS and pre emusic monthly pay scheme (+ having had a child along the way (this stops most rash consumer behaviour for at least six months)) aged 30- 32, 15 albums from ITMS and about 5 CDs. So there was a clear increase (remember income from age 15 to 21 almost zero)

I mentioned emusic and it is important for labels such as Universal (why that name? is it a wish?) to take note of. I have religiously spent €20 a month on music since signing up with Emusic’s non-DRM scheme. I don’t always download my 90 tracks worth. BUT I have yet to think it is bad deal. I cannot get enough of Emusic. AND there are new acts on it.

The music is also VERY good.

So where am I going with this. Well nowhere in particular, except to give my 2 cents worth (not that Universal cares about 2 cents, they are more interested in 80 or 90).

Once the ease of music cannot be bought, it can only be swapped, (ie p2p) like TV shows currently in Europe.

I am a Mac owner, though I do not worship Apple , Steve Jobs or iTunes (hence my use of emusic).

I hope Universal wakes up and asks Apple to lower the cost of all their music.

emusic – the source of my music May 8, 2007

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I have just read an article in arstecnica referring to a billboard report about emusic. Apparently some indie labels are not happy with the price of songs being sold on emusic (about 25 cents) and are threatening to up and leave. The CEO of emusic says that the volume of music sold by far makes up for the price. The argument being that music is now elastic and consumers will now buy more if the price is lower, seeing as we now have a lot more to spend our entertainment euros on (Tv, DVDs, computer games, Mobile phone services etc etc). I personally understand this very well. In fact I’m extremely happy about this. As a teenager I discovered music though sources such as NME and other magazines. These have slowly disappeared from my life, partly due to living in a country where I pay well over the odds for English pulp, partly as information is more accessible via the web. Now I get most of my music from emusic and its all very cheap. That’s why I can afford to buy some music based on reviews of other clients and not worry. If the music isn’t very good I haven’t lost lots of money. On the other hand if it’s good I go back and buy more of the artist in question because I have more to spend. I have gone from buying roughly 4 – 10 albums per year to buying 4 – 10 per month. Simple, when you think about it.