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Clix Fibra Optica — Finally some good Internet services in Alta de Lisboa. August 15, 2008

Posted by Tom in Alta de Lisboa, Fibre Optics, Techstuff.
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I have whined, I have cried (well almost), I have been to hell and back trying to get a half decent Internet TV Telephone Package installed.
Because Part of Alta de Lisboa has forever been plugged into one of Portugal Telecom’s remote exchanges in a weak attempt to keep us from using the competition.
The competition has tried to fight back in the form of ARTelecom (which was pretty shoddy for me as it didn’t work most of the time) and Netcabo and various mobile operators.
They are all too expensive or not reliable enough.
Now we are promised something new… I could not believe it when a couple of weeks ago I asked some workers what they were doing and they said they were installing Fibre Optics…..
Well folks it’s here (or will be in about two weeks)



It’s a shame the clix website still doesn’t work (though it will surely work one day so you can check it out here: