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GPS and Mac May 3, 2007

Posted by Tom in Apple, geocaching, OS X, Techstuff.
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I am a little upset to find that no mainstream company provides a solution for Mac users. I find it incredible that so many software and hardware manufacturers ignore this segment of the market. The Mac market will grow and users of Mac generally don’t switch back to Windows (if indeed they ever came from there), so I am not too sure what the problem is with providing us with a solution. Maybe they all have unenlightened managers.


Something to try… May 2, 2007

Posted by Tom in Alta de Lisboa, geocaching, Techstuff.
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I stumbled across something called Geocaching while searching for news of new developments in Alta de Lisboa. I should explain that one of my many techie skills is uncovering information from the web and I practise by doing things like this. Anyway back to the point… Geocaching is, as I understand it a way to take the leisure of web browsing and get you outside.
As far as I can make out someone leaves a geocache on the web (this is a gps coordinate) then you hunt it down. It sound like my ideal hobby as it involves technology, exploring new places and walking.
I aim to take this up soon… First I need some cheap eqiupment, then some time. I will return to this idea once I’ve tried it out :-)