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Apple Portugal rant August 29, 2007

Posted by Tom in Apple, Mac software, Techstuff.

I need to complain somewhere so I’ll do it here. Don’t worry I’ll be brief.

Apple in Portugal has been like Freedom of Speech in China.

That is virtually non-existent.

The upside (for me) was that all software I can get here was in English.

Now they are making some in-roads.

Apple Portugal now exists as an entity (albeit a small and still functionless one) and iLife08 is being sold here as a Portuguese version in retailers.

So I head on over to Apple IMC (the official channel for all things Apple in Portugal) and look on their website store (they call it an Apple Store but it is nothing like the real thing).

I suppose if I can get an English version anywhere it has to be there…

And this is what I saw…

Apple store pt

… a couple of days ago.

I ignored it thinking that all would be well in an hour or two.

How wrong I was… after all this Apple IMC, not Apple Portugal.

Two days later and all is the same.

I look around their site for other retailers and stumble across this gem…


Roughly Translated this says…


Choose your iPod, configure your new mac according to your exact needsusing the models on the market as a starting point.

nothing new or exciting there

The Apple Online store never closes and sells all the accessories you could need for your iPod or new Mac. etc etc

Hang on a sec…. Never closes!!!? Well I’d say that would be true if it were closed for an hour or two, but two days (if not more!!)

OK, I feel better, I’ve had my rant.

Now over to Amazon UK.

(I have, in the past, tried writing to Apple IMC and all I ever receive in reply a rather sad complaint back that the guy making the site is alone and he doesn’t have enough time. — So don’t try and copy Apple.com and get your job done properly I say.)


Here is the map from Apple.

Apple Euro Store locator

Looks like they forgot something on the left. (ie WEST and closest to USA)

GrandPerspective May 4, 2007

Posted by Tom in Apple, Mac software, OS X.
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This is a great piece of software that allows you to see your hard drive and where all your precious GBs are being used up. I can see from my hard drive that I really need to get rid of some Simpsons and Futurama episodes (which I watch while exercising.) I know you can find this data by trawling through the hard drive, it just seems this is much quicker and easier.