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Miro September 3, 2007

Posted by Tom in new world, OS X, Portuguese lousy communications companies, Techstuff.
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Get Miro

Miro is the best Internet video player I have found.

This really replaces the TV. I’ve tried Joost or Joust or whatever it was called and it was lots of fancy graphics with no content.

This fantastic app finds free video on the web as well as any video you have on your system and allows you to watch it all from one place. What is even better, is that it downloads video in the background then keeps it for as long as you want (default 5 days) then deletes it (if you want). This ensures you don’t miss great stuff and your hard drive doesn’t get too full.

One drawback is series… I suppose we’ll have to keep on torrenting until Apple or some other media company gets its act together and allows us to buy online. I say this as we have such busy lives and really DON’T have time to be watching TV at fixed times or setting up digital recorders to be doing this for us.

On a side note… I can’t wait till the ridiculous 12 month loyalty scheme I had to sign up to (to get my internet working) of Television is up.

I thoroughly recommend this application.

As the developers of Miro say…

free video!

Love tech – hate Tech May 21, 2007

Posted by Tom in Portuguese lousy communications companies.
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The worst of many bad  Portuguese telecommunications companies

So today I was gong to post a nice long article about my feelings towards the most loved of objects… the car. However I had run-in with technology. My Internet connection is down.
So why the the strange title of today’s post? Well I love technology because I can use (for a limited time) the airport’s hotspot from my living room for free! — (I live about 1 mile from the airport and 2 from the terminal so I consider that to be pretty good). Also, I managed to pay my late electricity bill using a machine… more about that in a later post.

On the other hand….My connection has been down since Saturday morning and I loathe to call the technical support helpline as it costs 30c min. I waited to see if Monday would resolve things all by itself. It didn’t.

So I called this evening. They (netcabo) took 15 minutes to tell me they had had a problem with the MAC address (nothing to do with Apple Mac) of my modem and it might be solved in four hours ( oh and if it wasn’t please would call back?) !!!!$$$&&FF***
Excuse my French but what is a company doing offering a service like this… it is SO unprofessional.

Just imagine my equivalent.
“I’m sorry you don’t have class today”
“Why not?”
“Just a minute let me ask my colleagues…”
………..15 minutes later…………
“I’ll tell you for €4.50”
Sigh…ok… here you are”
“technical difficulties”
“Oh! So when will we have class again?”
“I’m not sure maybe four hours time…. if not you can pay me another €5 to find out when”